Our Mission


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of our clients and the public through direct care, support services, education and training. We also strive to maintain 21st century excellence in application, viable options, and community connections in all that we offer.

nursing1Our values include:

  • Excellence – World-class quality of professional services guided by the standards of the American Nursing Association and State Board of Nursing. Licensed by OHCQ in Maryland with RSA license# R3547 for provision of skilled nursing care, and License# R3515 for Residential Services with Aide level of care.
  • Integrity – Honest in our dealings with clients and their families, our peers and associates, LTNS, respects dignity and diversity of all we serve.
  • Caring – We promote healthy well-being and progress of all we serve.
  • Diversity – LTNS Inc. respects and values differences among people and cultures.